We are architects and designers by trade, and one of our greatest joys is creating places for others to enjoy and ultimately make their own.


With THE ANNEX we've created a new gathering space that balances innate character with a blank canvas. Our goal is to give you space that elevates and delights, and that will make the event or occasion you're imagining sublime.


It might be an important planning meeting for your team, a two-day film shoot, or your dad's 60th birthday party. With a space that is malleable and raw, but equipped with key necessities and plenty of oxygenating plants, you can host the experience you've envisioned.


THE ANNEX shares a building with our other passion- and creator-focused adventure, Scout Workshop. Scout Workshop is a unique co-working community made up of inspiring and interesting people (a.k.a. misfits and pirates), with members including designers, software engineers, NGO leaders, novelists, and podcasters. We've made The Annex accessible and rentable for these members as well, to both enrich their projects and pursuits, but also to expand the potential of the space.


Just outside our glass garage door is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in South Minneapolis: LynLake. Highly walkable, blocks from Bde Mka Ska and Lake of the Isles, with dozens of bars and restaurants, it's a perfect home and source of energy for THE ANNEX. Need a landmark to find us? You've probably already seen our mural if you've passed by.


THE ANNEX is housed inside the former Gaytee Stained Glass building. Gaytee Stained Glass' craftsmen and artists worked in the building until the business was relocated in 2010 to NE Minneapolis. (We like to think the building was then just sleeping until we found it in 2017.) The building's roots give the space a distinct, creative, and historic feel. (Several original stained glass pieces are available to rent upon request as well.) As designers and architects, we knew it was important to preserve as much of the look and spirit of The Gaytee as we could, even as the purpose of the building evolves.

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